Tina Lay Photography   

Welcome and Thank you for visiting......    
I have finally made the leap into starting my own Photography business
after many years of consideration and a life long passion......

I enjoy taking family photos, sporting events and (my favorite) taking natural
shots to capture the perfect image of children, family or that special moment
that we wish we could have for a lifetime.......

I am a creative person when it comes to the images that I have taken. I am always
trying new techniques using the image as my inspiration and trying to think of new 
ideas to be sure everyone is as pleased as I am with the final result......

Please think of me for your future Family, Sporting events or  photos for any
occasion.  I am always open to new ideas and suggestions to make my business better!

Thank you
Tina Lay

 I specialize in:

              * Black and White, Sepia Tone, Color
                and Custom Designs
              * Sporting events
              *Children, babies
             *Family and Senior Portraits
             *or Portraits for any occasion